Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Game

This is a 1 player game that could be expanded into a multi player game.

You are an explorer stranded on a strange island. You must gather 3 treasures and escape from the island.

There is a grid-based playing field made up of tiles. Each tile may have a hidden treasure or have an important resource.  On one side of the field on top of one of the tiles is a vicious beast-monster (bad guy). On the opposite side of the field is the player.  The goal is to meet the win condition before the bad buy meets any number of various conditions (“bad guy” win conditions). The player is allowed to take 3 actions per turn.

Game Play:
The player takes a turn and then bad guy does his turn. If there are multiple players the bad guy takes a turn after every player turn.

Actions the bad guy might take:
Move a tile.
Make minions.
Destroy something.

Bad Guy Win Conditions:
The bad guy lands on the same tile as the player.
The bad guy overwhelms the grid with his minions.
The bad guy destroys your escape vessel.

Player actions:
Move 1 Space
Dig for treasure.
Build something (if they have enough resources)
Destroy and enemy minion.

Player(s) Win Condition:
The player(s) find at least 3 treasures and builds a boat make it off the island. If there are multiple players a bigger boat must be built.

The player has a meter that shows their total resource/money score. The meter increases when they find more resources either by uncovering them.

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